Optimise equipment performance

Asset performance & mechanical maintenance improvement


Asset performance improvement

& outsourced mechanical maintenance services

Tacmin's asset performance improvement approach which features a clear set of objectives for the delivery process, is aimed at maximising performance for the customer at the project level and maintenance services offered are aimed at the complete maintenance chain, from​​​​​​​

Asset life-cycle benchmark management

Asset needs analysis & procurement

Maintenance system design

Technical information & spares

Project management

Procurement & execution

Contract management

Maintenance management

Always customisable to client demand with the highest standards for the quality and safety of all services delivered.

Maintenance support that strikes a unique balance between mine engineering & mobile equipment engineering

Attributed to decades of experience gained by our multi-disciplinary expertise in all aspects of mining with the aid of Mining Project Management Software has enabled us to develop a well-established decision analysis process integrated into the overall project management process, vital for analysing maintenance and repairs in the context of mining engineering.

Resource database of a complete range of mining equipment

Over two decades our resource database has grown to include comprehensive operating cost breakdowns inclusive of owner or MARC maintenance of the complete range from smallest to top-end mining equipment (crucial for benchmarking)

Mining cost estimation from first principals  owner - contract mining

Whole of mine cost breakdowns in accordance with OEM lifecycle equipment operating costs, maintenance (owner or MARC) and capital cost, unit cost makeup or breakdowns, equipment LCC’s (Life Cycle Cost) including

mid-life and PCR (Planned Component Replacement) intervention

Planning & scheduling powerful critical path network system

All plans and schedules are directly linked to the Client’s production schedules - through a detailed resource analysis, we optimise equipment usage whereupon mining equipment is allocated to the plan. Since the whole of mine cost is broken down in accordance with OEM LCC’s, utilisation & costs of  maintenance disciplines are linked to the plan

Equipment allocations, production and maintenance tracking

Equipment capable vs actual productions, production schedule reconciliations, maintenance and repair LCC benchmarks and  equipment allocation against each material type, mineability checking of each mine plan, equipment usage, availability and utilisation benchmarks against actual performance

Monitor & tracking of maintenance plan & budget forecasts

Mine plan, mine design, equipment and maintenance conformance tracking, assistance with all related mining design amendments, updates and reconciliations, mining sequence update and optimisation guidance,  production schedule reconciliations, budget forecast with maintenance cost conformance tracking

Continuity of estimating & post-tender commercial control

Upon selection of the best or optimal project case, lifecycle models can be taken to construction and implementation with all the functionality required for project management – certifications, project controls, resource requirements, maintenance and repair utilisation and cost tracking with ongoing reconciliations

A maintenance enterprise management system that provides industry-aligned information to construction & engineering companies

First as project managers during construction of roads, dams, railroads, infrastructure and open-pit mines and then as consultants and project managers in a diverse range of mining disciplines, Tacmin’s project management capability provides the depth of the services required by our customers.

Procurement system that completely integrates with estimating and pre-tender commercial control

Enterprise accounting is the core of our system as it links to all other systems and that of the Client

A sub-contract management module for labour only as well as independent contractors

A plant & equipment management module that handles service meter readings or hourly readings

An inventory management system that easily controls and optimises stock levels and minimises capital

A real-time cost reporting system that accurately compares actual costs to anticipated project costs

Tacmin’s procurement system provides strict control of procurement processes, to manage the complete requisition – purchase order – delivery – invoice reconciliation – payment cycle. This procurement system seamlessly integrates with our cost estimating, project management and control software.

LIVE costs are fed into our four accounting ledgers namely, overheads ledger; balance-sheet ledger; contracts ledger and plant ledger. This results that there is no need to separate site-costing from accounts. All postings to and from the cost ledger are also handled automatically by the system.

In the case of using Labour-only subcontractors, the system allows you to subtract UIF, PAYE and VAT from employees that are actually part of your payroll. This is a requirement by law and therefore needs to be managed carefully.

Our Plant Management system caters for both known methods of handling plant items namely SMR (Service Meter Readings) or Hourly Readings. Job cards can be issued to specific plant Items in order that the cost specific to that plant Item can be monitored.

Tacmin’s inventory management module is very flexible and practical as it allows for the creation of as many site stores as is required per contract and in turn enables the issuing of stock in and out of site stores over multiple contracts and projects.

Combining an innovative real-time cost reporting system of project/activity-based costing with the ability to generate cross modular reports for sound decision making, this tool reduces the need for a separate reporting system.

Asset performance improvement

Tacmin expertise has since inception delivered consultancy and project management services to mining companies, worked along with executive management, mining and mechanical engineers of numerous multi-commodity mines in delivering mining projects on-time, on-budget at optimal cost-to-client through adopting and implementing Lean principals in mining, engineering and asset performance improvement.


In addition, to eliminating inefficiencies during mining processes, we apply Lean principles and techniques to all project management processes, including asset performance and mechanical maintenance. Testimony of our customers, during two decades of applying our traditional mining project decision and execution services, is our ability to optimise asset performance and through analysis and control during implementation detect and identify areas that give cause to less than optimal mechanical availabilities.


Established over two decades, on the strength of the reputation that Tacmin has earned in this space, Tacmin’s outsourced mobile mining equipment maintenance offering provides for a radical transformation of the approach to asset performance improvement.


Renowned for their owner's team consultancy and project management approach, Tacmin Madini’s outsourced mechanical maintenance services, remain true to the business processes that have  been adopted and familiar to our customers.

Tacmin Madini offers the full range of specialist engineering, construction and asset management expertise

Extensive Mining Equipment Knowledge

The management of physical assets such as equipment, process plants, machinery and vehicles, focuses at a strategic level on establishing, operating and maintaining an asset portfolio that is aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives, within the context of the regulatory and broader organisational environment. At an operational management and technical level this necessitates the need for in-depth understanding of asset management principles and processes, enhanced by specialised technical knowledge and techniques related to aspects such as design analysis, data acquisition, condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics as well as finite element analysis – all within the context of asset lifecycle management.


Over two decades of assisting mining companies with decision-making, analysis and mining project delivery our resources and mining equipment database (mine models) has grown to include comprehensive Lifecycle operating cost breakdowns inclusive of owner or MARC maintenance of the complete range from smallest to top-end mining equipment (crucial for benchmarking), all of which was obtained during a formal procurement process and supplied by OEM’s for the equipment considered.

Tacmin’s mining equipment service offering is comprehensive, from fleet selections and benchmarking to trade-off studies such as owner versus contractor or autonomous versus operator, all of which forms part of our unique mine project modelling service offering:


Fleet selections & capital recommendations: Tacmin’s fleet selection and capital recommendations studies/analysis are fully integrated with the Clients geology, mine engineering and cost accounting system. Owner-operator and contract mining costs are fully compatible with another to the extent that a zero profit margin unit rate bill can be flipped over to show detailed Capex and Opex costs broken down to cost of finance and LCC of mining equipment.


Owner vs contractor trade-off studies: On the average contract mining application monthly payment certificates can easily fetch anything between USD 8 to 20 million per month and the only control the Owner has over this cost, is to ensure that waste and ore mining comply to the design, schedule and plan. Contrary to contract mining, in an owner mining application, not only has the Owner total control over every cent, but the cost is controlled by everyone associated with the mining operations – ensuring, total control which can only lead to improvement.

Benchmarking studies – equipment, production & cost: Benchmarking studies for MARC or owner maintenance operations comprise of a simulation of the mining Client’s current status quo in respect of the mining equipment employed and projected maintenance costs in accordance with the Lifecycle Costs linked to SMU hours at the time of the assignment. Aforesaid maintenance benchmark / operating costs which can be expressed in accordance with historical productions achieved and/or capable machine/fleet productions.


Autonomous haulage installation cost: AHS truck cost / AHS ancillary equipment, AHS software  / AHS software configuration, AHS control room – software and communications for vehicle interaction facilities, Communications upgrades, Physical infrastructure – site-based control systems and boom gate trailers, Implementation services – services that cover management, operating and emergency.  [Read more]