In-service maintenance support

Mechanical availability is a pre-requisite if you want to maintain efficiency and stay focused on your core operation

Fully integrated customisable life cycle-based asset maintenance support

By combining engineering excellence with the pragmatic equipment maintenance skills of our in-service maintenance support partners, Tacmin Madini collaborates with our customers, share our technology, our ideas and our thinking for mutual benefit and better outcomes. Every piece of equipment and component have a life cycle and needs to deliver maximum availability and be as cost efficient as possible at all times while you are staying focused on your core operation. We can help you achieve this by providing a customisable, scalable and fully integrated outsourced equipment maintenance support solution.

We support our customers every step of the way!

A relevant and efficient design of a support system is key to avoid problems in the in-service phase. Tacmin Madini provides tailored support solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer through our customisable, fully integrated life cycle-based support concept.

In service maintenance support

Project management

Procurement & execution

Contract management

Maintenance management

Mechanical availability is a pre-requisite if you want to maintain efficiency and stay focused on your core operation. Tacmin’s maintenance support solutions help you counter any challenge by balancing the need to maximise availability with the goal of reducing costs.

In-service maintenance support

Since 1996 Tacmin has supported owner teams of major mining companies across Africa with the planning and implementation of asset and mining performance improvement initiatives and where construction is required, assist with project controls that give cause to below budget completion, including but not limited to;

Project management

Equipment Life-cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA);

Maintenance planning & scheduling that is totally integrated and aligned with strategic mine engineering objectives;

Complete maintenance and engineering management approach that seamlessly integrate and provides an interactive link between estimating, project control and enterprise accounting;

Asset performance improvement;

Procurement and execution

Contract mining applications: - procurement of mining contractors, including but not limited to shadow bid, enquiry documents and drafting of contract agreements.

Owner mining applications:  - determination of equipment requirements, capital recommendations and  OEM enquiry documents for tenders on mobile equipment.    

 Outsourced maintenance applications: - maintenance benchmarking, enquiry documents and tenders to OEM’s and maintenance service providers in respect of Customer Support (Preventative Maintenance & Total Maintenance and Repair) and CSA agreements.

Contractor management

Spearheaded by fifteen years of experience gained during employment with infra-structure and open-pit mining contracting companies, followed by twenty-two years of supporting the owner's team with project and contract management of mining contractors and owners assets.

Plant & equipment management

Poor asset utilisation and management can significantly delay a project, negatively affect productivity and reduce a company’s worth. Tacmin’s Plant and Equipment Management system overcomes these challenges by providing information on the complete lifecycle of your assets - from purchase to in-use to disposal - simplifying processes and improving the return on your assets. Providing real time analysis, automated systems, and powerful reporting tools, this module makes construction plant & equipment management effective and productive.


Tacmin’s Plant and Equipment Management system caters for both known methods of handling plant items, namely SMR (Service Meter Readings) and Hourly Readings. Job Cards can be issued to specific Plant Items so that the costs specific to that Plant Item can be monitored.

Benefits At A Glance


Accurately track & safeguard your assets, Excellent asset lifecycle management, Operational and maintenance excellence, Plant Availability and Utilization reporting, Plant Service scheduling and breakdown monitoring, Maximise asset utilisation to boost your efficiencies and ROI.



Full Workshop & Job Card system for internal and external works including MRP, Monitor & Manage Asset Productivity, Fuel Management, Enterprise-Wide Visibility, Internal and external Plant hire, Depreciation & Warranty Information, Usage History, Costs, Billing Rates, & Repair History, Multi-Currency, Multi-Company feature.

Operational excellence through an integrated approach of operations and in-service maintenance

Integration of in-service maintenance support with operations is a unique value proposition that Tacmin can offer


An integrated approach of outsourced in-service maintenance activities and related maintenance planning and scheduling is essential to reach operational excellence. By aligning strategies under one O&M management team, business processes are optimised while Clients can focus on their core business.


Operations & maintenance (O&M) management - Owners team


Supported by our vast exposure gained during numerous mining project management, procurement and contract management assignments as part of the owner's team, our in-service maintenance management services are customisable to Client demand with the highest standards for the quality and safety of all services delivered.


Outsourced in-service maintenance operations require careful integration into the owner's operations and maintenance teams, and Tacmin has over two decades built a recordable track record in providing support as an extension of the owner's team on multi-commodity logistically constraint projects.

With our tried and tested mining project approach, we bring together the solutions you need to create a cycle of continuous improvement in your maintenance performance, based on;

analysing where it needs to be optimised;

predicting where it will need to be applied;

procuring the relevant maintenance service providers;

implementing relevant action plans in the field, and;

managing of outsourced maintenance providers on behalf of our customers.

Asset life-cycle cost and value optimisation

Equipment life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is typically used as one component of the equipment fleet management process and allows the fleet manager to make equipment repair, replacement, and retention decisions by a given piece of equipment’s economic life. The objective of this analysis is to maximise the cost-effectiveness of the fleet by optimising the overall life-cycle value of each piece in the fleet.

Tacmin Madini offers the full range of specialist engineering, project analysts and asset management expertise